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INSTALLATION & GUIS. With platform specific installers for Git, GitHub also provides the ease of staying up-to-date with the latest releases of the command. natively for Git repos are still astounding. GETTING STARTED. INSTALLING GIT. Git has a very light footprint for its command line installation. For most platforms Documentation. Reference. Reference Manual. The official and Quick reference guides: GitHub Cheat Sheet (PDF) | Visual Git Cheat Sheet (SVG | PNG) git push. git reset . Remove from the staging area, but Open the global configuration file in a text editor for manual editing. git1.1 About Version Control; 1.2 A Short History of Git; 1.3 What is Git? 1.4 The Command Line; 1.5 Installing Git; 1.6 First-Time Git Setup; 1.7 Getting Help This tutorial explains how to use Git for project version control in a distributed This tutorial will help beginners learn the basic functionality of Git version control. The clone command creates a new directory named after the project ( git or linux in the examples above). After you cd into this directory, you will see that it Reference. Quick reference guides: GitHub Cheat Sheet (PDF) | Visual Git Cheat Sheet (SVG | PNG). Setup and Config. git · config · help. Getting and Creating create a working copy of a local repository by running the command git clone /path/to/repository when using a remote server, your command will be git clone The Git Command Line. 17. Quick Introduction to Using Git. 19. Creating an Initial Repository. 19. Adding a File to Your Repository. 20. Configuring the Commit

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