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The breed first found its way into the guide dog business in the early 20 th century, not long after the first guide dog schools arose with German Shepherds as their first canine students. Labrador Retrievers soon followed suit, and now the breed makes up a significant percentage of the world's guide dogs. Labradors as service dogs. Due to their intelligence, sensitivity and kind natures, the enthusiastic Labrador Retriever breed has been welcomed into so many walks of life. From the police, to the armed forces, to private companies, but perhaps most importantly into our homes as well.
















Darby practices on sidewalks around campus with guide dog Larry. Trainers Jonathan Bjaland and Laura White walk behind her. Darby is wearing a blue tank top and jean shorts. Jonathan is wearing his Southeastern Guide Dogs uniform and khaki shorts, and Laura is wearing khaki shorts and a grey zip up sweatshirt. Larry is a black Labrador. Labradors are very responsive to training, which is why they are often used as sniffer dogs and guide or companion dogs. This highly loveable breed is probably not the best guard dog, as they would more likely greet an intruder with a friendly lick and tail wag. Labradors and Friends(TM) Dog Rescue Group, Inc. is 501c3 animal rescue group dedicated to rescuing labrador retrievers and labrador mixed breed dogs in Southern, Central and Northern California and placing them in loving homes. 52 reviews of Labradors and Friends Dog Rescue Group "We adopted our dog, Apollo, from Labradors and Friends almost a year ago. From what we understand they rescued him from a shelter in a desert community and placed him in a foster home. He was Kennel dogs are so special, and we have rescued some. For many, a kennel is the only home they have known. Adopting a kennel dog, and giving it a real home, is one of the kindest and most rewarding things you can do. To help you understand them better, here are some tips, tricks, and insights into the beautiful litt

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