Nj 1040 part year resident instructions

Nj 1040 part year resident instructions

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New Jersey does not have separate tax returns for part-year residents or part-year nonresidents. You must use either Form NJ?1040 or Form NJ?1040NR (or both), depending on your residency status during the year, and show the income you received during the period of time covered by the return. NOTE: Both part-year resident (Form NJ-1040) and part-year nonresident . for the 2001 tax year. u Read the instruction booklet before completing the return. Both part-year residents and full-year residents should use Form NJ-1040. Use only a 2016 return for the 2016 tax year. ? Read the instruction booklet before 2017 Form NJ-1040NR Line-by-Line Instructions. 15 incorrect. part of the tax year, list the month, day, and year other a resident during the entire tax year.16 Jan 2018 Part-year residents may be required to file a New Jersey tax return. Since New Jersey does not have a special form for part-year filers, you must use the regular resident return, Form NJ-1040. The return provides a line for you to show the period of your residency in the state. 17 Apr 2018 Use the payment voucher (Form NJ-1040-V) only if you owe tax on your 2017 return and .. Available to both full-year and part-year residents. You can download the 2017 Form NJ-1040 Instructions above if you need more As a part-year resident you are required to file a tax return with New Jersey Why is Form NJ-1040 Line 29 blank for a part-year resident return? If the taxpayer is not Filing requirements as stated in the Form Instructions are as follows:. 17 Apr 2018 Use the payment voucher (Form NJ?1040NR?V) only if you owe tax on your 2017return and you are .. Part-Year Resident — Form NJ-1040. Full-Year Residents— You must file a full-year New Jersey resident income tax return if you were a New Jersey resident for the entire year and your gross income for the entire year was more than $20,000 ($10,000 if filing status is single or married/CU partner, filing separate return.

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