Guys, can you tell me about your ways to relieve stress? My job is really getting on my nerves

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Comment by DamienLee 14 hours ago

Online games often do not calm you down, but on the contrary, increase the tension if you play after the end of the working day. I realized that I felt bad after such games. And I found another way out. I started watching football matches. Sometimes it gets boring, so I started making sports bets - I no longer need to look for a bookmaker)) All the guys are waiting for me online to take a bet)

Comment by Bill Shiphr on Saturday

It depends on what type of stress and what you get it from. For example, I'm always stressed at work, so when I come home I need to sit in silence. I recently found a cool Dimers service to bet on sports, so now I bet in the evenings. It really helps me to relax and distract myself because I watch matches, read some predictions and so on.

Comment by Teresa García on Wednesday

I like to read books

Comment by Bill Shiphr on September 6, 2021 at 4:34am

Actually, I have one reliable way to copy with stress - make money. And I'm not talking about going to work to earn money, no. You can just get additional income. Since I play cs go for a long time, selling csgo skins for real money is the best way for me to profit, and I believe that you'll like it too.

Comment by AleksShamles on September 6, 2021 at 2:52am

I usually just drink warm tea and have some sleep. It always helps me, but I do that in the evening


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