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World’s First Dual Fuel, CNG Piston Powered Aircraft To Be Unveiled At AirVenture 2013


World’s First Dual Fuel, CNG Piston Powered Aircraft

To Be…


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"Wrong Way" Corrigan - Do you believe his tale?

Douglas 'Wrong Way' Corrigan landed his little modified Curtiss-Robin monoplane at an airfield outside Dublin, Ireland, and amiably told the workers who gathered around him, “I'm Douglas Corrigan. I just got in from New York,  Where am I? I intended to fly to California.” Upon arrival in Ireland, after his un-approved solo transatlantic flight, he maintained he had 'compass troubles. He took off from off from Floyd Bennett Field, N.Y., Jul 17, 1938 on a…

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Oldest aircraft flown

1952 Cessna 195 with 300 hp Jacobs. Sold it August of 2012, and flew it from KSNS in California to 42VA in Virginia Beach. Both my last flight in the Cessna and my longest cross country in anything.

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Your Oshkosh "To-Do's" and "Must-Sees"

Heading to AirVenture this year? Tell us, what is the one thing you taken in every year and/or what are you looking forward to most this year be it an old or new attraction. Basically, we want to know what is on your Oshkosh To-Do list and Must-See List. Let us know below.

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Oldest plane

1947 140 Cessna that I learned to fly in.

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Oldest Aircraft You Have Flown

We want to know: what is the oldest aircraft you have flown?

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Flying Cars

Flying Cars...what are your thoughts? Is this an idea/concept that will someday actually "take off" in a real way? 

Give us your comments below.

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Father's Day all Month Long at Banyan Pilot Shop

The Banyan Pilot Shop team is pleased to announce their “June is Father’s Day All Month Long” promotion which includes an on-line Father’s Day Gift Guide and a $250 drawing for a gift card.

While the store offers a wide range of products that would make excellent gifts for any pilot or aviation enthusiast, the sales team selected the most popular items for their on-line gift guide located at The gift guide includes a selection of flight bags, watches, iPad… Continue

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Important info about Sinusitis treatment

The standard Medical diagnosis for Sinusitis does not recognize that about

80 % of chronic sinus infections are a result of a fungal growth with an opportunist bacterial infection along with it. Thats why antibiotics dont always cure the problem. An antifungal treatment will clear the problem in a week or two. I learned this from my own experience. After three years, 3 MD's,

one Ear Nose throat specialist , a chinese Herbologist, and finallly a Live Blood Analysis, I discovered the… Continue

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Summer Fly-ins and Air Shows

Not to keep bringing up the sequester...but we have noticed that quite a few bigger air shows around the country have either been put on hold or canceled. Where any of these shows one that you participate in every year? Has this put a damper on your summer fly-in schedule? Or do you prefer the local pancake breakfasts? We want to hear from you with your thoughts, please submit them below.

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Float Plane Pilots

The summer flying season is upon us. Have you made your first splash of the season? Furthermore, do you keep your floats on all year or take them off and put them back on seasonally? Please, tell us by submitting your comment directly below.

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Building and Restoring Aircarft

We have heard many stories of someone retiring and building that experimental they have always dreamed of crafting with their own 2 hands. Or the teams of volunteers who spend years helping a museum or nonprofit restore an old bird back to their former glory.

Share with us the aspirations you have to restore or build an…


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To all my fellow Aircraft Owners.

I have re-joined AircraftOwners site. Please contact us for all your Aircraft and Aviation requirements.

Phiroze K. Cama

Founder, Owner & CEO
Cama Aviation Services
Mumbai, India

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Cross Country Traveling

Do you have a cross country adventure planned for this summer?

We want to know: how many nautical miles will your adventure take you? Where will you start, stop along the way, and ultimately end up?

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-$Money$-Power in one Aviation Organization

Ten years ago I would have said No, but today in the world of the 99%er' we should dis-ban all aviation groups, form only one group that would be able to wine & dine all the Washington DC lazy a!s law maker that are too afraid to make a decision and worry only about their money in the bank for re-election. Face it, its all about the money and not ruffing the status quo. It's not the small group that can change the rules, it takes $money$, bribes, and kick-backs to get your way in this new… Continue

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SELLING MY IFR CESSNA 150 TO MOVE UP TO A 4 PLACE. email me for more photos and all info


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iPads in the Cockpit – Gadget or Necessity?

Over the last couple of years iPad’s have become more and more commonplace in the cockpit. IPads and tablet computers replace the traditional paper charts and manuals, using technology that many believe will revolutionise the way that pilots take to the skies. Dedicated applications have been created for aviation purposes including Jeppesen Mobile RC and the popular ForeFlight Mobile, these apps incorporate all of the tools that are used whilst in the air including navigation and taxi… Continue

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Joining forces to protect our use of air ways

I am a current member of both the EAA and the AMA (modelers, not medical) and even though these two groups do rub elbows on some issues both stand for safety, consideration of the grounded people around us, and avoiding being legislated out of existance.  We will never agree on every thing except that considerate use of our countries air space is part of living here.  Discussion, even loud ones, between the people directly involved in flying will be better for all of use using the air for…


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Should the EAA and the AOPA Merge?


If there were ever a time to even consider trying to unite these two huge advocates of General Aviation, this would seem to be that time. The biggest question remains, are the interests of the members too divergent to ever let this happen? We should at least think about a merger of…


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Pilot, What's Your Story?

 Thank you for your interest in participating in "Pilot, what's your story?". This segment is all about YOU. We look forward to you becoming a part of it.…


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