-$Money$-Power in one Aviation Organization

Ten years ago I would have said No, but today in the world of the 99%er' we should dis-ban all aviation groups, form only one group that would be able to wine & dine all the Washington DC lazy a!s law maker that are too afraid to make a decision and worry only about their money in the bank for re-election. Face it, its all about the money and not ruffing the status quo. It's not the small group that can change the rules, it takes $money$, bribes, and kick-backs to get your way in this new political world...the US is not a first rate country anymore, the law makers lack moral fortitude heck they can't even let you tour the "People's House" anymore due to a lack of money, but you can have a dinner at the White House for just a bit of pocket change $325,000. You go to a third world country visit all of the government buildings for no cost and it just takes a bribe to get your way! So, in closing there are over 500+ aviation groups in this country ranging from the small club that meets at the local airport or coffee shop to the mega-groups such as EAA, AOPA and major air carriers associations. It all start with General Aviation, and one group with the money will win.

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Comment by Mark Ultra on May 30, 2020 at 8:17pm

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