Joining forces to protect our use of air ways

I am a current member of both the EAA and the AMA (modelers, not medical) and even though these two groups do rub elbows on some issues both stand for safety, consideration of the grounded people around us, and avoiding being legislated out of existance.  We will never agree on every thing except that considerate use of our countries air space is part of living here.  Discussion, even loud ones, between the people directly involved in flying will be better for all of use using the air for business, sport or recreation if held face to face, not in a lawmakers office.

The recent embarrasing event of a Quad copter being hundreds of feet too high and out of contoller range is just the sort of thing to close air space to all but commercial usage.  The person(s) responsible need to be dealt with before someone else thinks it is a path to 5 minutes of fame.  The controllers on the larger quad copters have a "return to liftoff" default using GPS.  The fail safe on this unit failed or was turned off.  With the current mood in washington any notice is likely to be a ban, not a corrective action.

We have always had a shortage of able and interested leaders in the aviation field, maybe it is time to combine the most able under one banner before we all hang seperately.


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