Survival Gear What Do You Pack?

When we are flying, safety is key and survival kits/safety gear should not be forgotten. This week we ask, what do you keep in your aircraft for emergencies?

Here is Doc Blue's Family Medical Kit. To learn more about what is in this kit click here:

Tell us below what you keep in your aircraft in case of emergencies.

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Comment by Michael Friedman on December 5, 2013 at 6:10am
I mainly travel in the populated North East, so I don't carry "survival" gear, as such. I do carry a multi-tool, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a fully charged handheld radio. If I have to hike out I have GPS software on my phone which does not require an internet connection to operate, in addition to my portable aviation GPS.
Comment by Richard P Eastman on November 27, 2013 at 6:28pm

I fly with a SPOT tracking devise which I can take from the airplane.  A six-pack of fresh water is stored just behind the copilots seat. Stored with the water is an emergency kit in the form of a fisherman's jacket with the various pockets filled with two-days worth of emergency survival gear, food and water packets, tape, matches, fire-making equipment, two plastic ponchos for protection, string, duct tape,  circular saw, medical supplies, and miscellaneous other small items.  With enough warning, the pilot or another airplane occupant could put the jacket on and it would egress with that person following an emergency landing.  In addition, the plane carries an emergency tool kit (including tire tube, spare spark plug, spare trim relay, jack for getting the wheel up, etc.).    Further, if I'm flying over water (ocean or large lake), I include in the airplane life jackets for all passengers.  If I'm flying on a long trip (i.e. out of my native geographic area), I have a second survival kit that stores in the back of the plane. It contains a full-blown survival kit sufficient to sustain two to four people for seven to 10 days. It weighs 52 lbs. and only "travels" when I'm flying over truly remote parts of the country or Internationally.




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