1942 - EDO AIRCRAFT CORP of College Point, NY

Filmed circa 1942 in beautiful Kodachrome color at the EDO plant in College Point, NY and at Laguardia Airport. EDO manufactured attachable floats that converted conventional aircraft into seaplanes. I determined the approximate date of filming from a viewer's comment that the particular type of star insignia seen on the C-47 was only used in 1942 (thanks, ocoee96).

My grandfather worked at EDO as a traffic manager during World War Two, during which time he probably acquired this film. I discovered it just a few years ago while archiving his collection. Grandpa was an experienced cameraman, having made many technically excellent amateur films from 1929 onward, but I can't say for sure if he had any hand in this film's production since the credits are missing.

This video replaces an earlier posting that was of inferior quality. I added the soundtrack using music from a symphony composed in 1942 by Roy Harris.

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