Well, It's "Time Flys" time again ...... the "2014" edit.

I guess I can call it a Trilogy now - Peter Jackson eat 'yer heart out !.

As usual, it's been quite a year. Always a good sign when you have far more material than you need to make a 4 minute edit from I suppose.

There's been some "Hello / Goodbye" going on aircraft wise. An RV6 build up to the "paint" stage and the sale of my beloved Zenair 601share to be precise.

As you can see, the RV Kit had been languishing for quite some time (16 years), so it's about time it gets some wind under it's wheels (hopefully before this Christmas).

Thanks to Tom, James and the rest of the 'Artists for being in the formation shots. all the Red 'S1 head cam footage is Jimbo's, the Multicoloured Zenair's is Toms. Apart from that It's all mine.

Soundtrack is Klangkarussell - "Netzwork" (Falls like Rain), If you like it, please buy it (...... if only to make me feel better about using it) it's gotta be worth 99p, surely !

So, press "Play" ........... and do please enjoy the ride !

Here's to 2015.

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