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To access the Eden Group Headquarters, simply speak to an Eden Teleport Officer (they are white-haired Novice-esque females wearing green). They can be found near most Kafra and 1st class job change NPCs.Exiting the Eden Group afterward will normally return you to a location near the Eden Teleport Officer you spoke to. You must be logged into an account in order to view this page, please login. Eden Eternal provides you 15 classes from warrior to healer, but that's not what Aeria Games really wants to give you. Official Eden Eternal Wiki is open! Eden Eternal : Dragon Knight Guide. Dragon Knight Quest is pretty easy and somewhat tricky and shady. So I am making a guide for you all. Once, you've reached level 70. The DK Quest is going to pop up on your screen. There is no class requirements for Dragon Knight. You just have to complete these set of quests to unlock it. Eden Eternal Recipe Book. ToC! FR Terms! Misc; Materials; FoxQuest(Leg) Mana Infusion; DoD Info; Glyphs; Racials Are you looking for a Eden Eternal Cheat to level up really fast? Well, it may not be a real cheat but we have one of the quickest methods of leveling up quickly right here on GamersHeroes.. First of all, when you create your character, you will only have a choice between the warrior and magician. ggFTW is an MMORPG community with an MMORPG directory, MMO ratings, MMORPG reviews, MMO guides, MMORPG forums, and other community services connecting casual, free-to-play (f2p) MMORPG gamers. Find top-rated MMO games, MMORPGs, and connect with other gamers. Is Eden Eternal still active? (self.MMORPG) I played Eden Eternal for a while. Had the most fun on the Brazilian server that ended up closing where I actually managed to be competitive despite being full f2p. The game really went downhill on the Awakening with the release of Mimic, many Eden Eternal walkthroughs. Please remember to bookmark this page and come back for Eden Eternal guides and walkthroughs which will be located h

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