On our writing staff we have unique individuals that specialize in different aspects of aviation. Here they are:

Charles Morgenstein, ESQ. has been flying since 1977 and practices aviation law in all 50 states, limiting his practice exclusively to aviation matters.

Dr. Brent Blue is a Senior AME in Jackson Hole, WY and flies a homebuilt Blue Bear out of Driggs, ID (KDIJ)

Chris Hope has taught fledgling & experienced pilots for 35 years. Graduate of US Air Force Academy; Air Force pilot flying Lockheed C-141 Starlifter, and Air Force Flight Instructor at the Air Force Academy. Ratings include Airline Transport Pilot, FAA Gold Seal CFI for single engine land and sea, multi-engine land, and instruments. Also holds Master Instructor Certificate and Advanced Ground Instructor Rating and Instrument Ground Instructor Rating.

Brent Taylor, aka "Blakesburg" is Exe Director of the AAA, an A&P with Inspection Authorization, a commercial pilot who's been known to ferry rare aircraft cross-country.

Stuart Stein, a pilot flying out of southern California with a passion for both the culinary arts & flying. He graduated from the culinary arts program at Kendall College, he has worked in France and all over the US as a cook, executive chef, culinary instructor & restaurateur.

Is there a question(s) or specific topic you would like them to cover in a future article? If so let us know here and we'll do our best to get your question/topic answered.


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