Flying Cars...what are your thoughts? Is this an idea/concept that will someday actually "take off" in a real way? 

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Comment by Elliott DeGraff on June 5, 2013 at 4:45pm
No way. Any aircraft starts as a bundle of compromises. Add to that the ever tightening requirements of the FAA, EPA, and NHTSA and it becomes an impossible burden. In 1952 I was working at IDL (now JFK) when Robert Fulton Jr. (grandson of the steamboat inventor) landed in his airphibian, (which looked like a Cessna) taxied to a tiedown, got out, removed the prop, then detached the wings, rear fuselage an date empennage as a unit and in 5 minutes drove off to his meeting in a car that looked like a Crosley. Neither he nor his successor Moult Taylor could make a go of it and that was before the above agencies existed. Design compromises, regulatory hurdles limited market and finances make a lethal combination.


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