We want to know:

What have you done to your hangar to make it your domain?

Have you turned it into your man cave sanctuary?

Do you have perks like a refrigerator, TV or kitchenette?

Are the walls covered with the signs, photos and prints that would never get approved for inside your house?

Tell us, we want to know what you have done (or are currently doing) to make your hangar your own piece of heaven.

*Also, please post any pictures you have of your hangar, we want to see those too.

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Comment by Layne Lisser on April 9, 2014 at 11:07pm

I'm afraid my hangar work has been at a stall for awhile, but it began with my hand painting a compass rose on the floor. I used Google Earth, and snap line to correctly locate the compass lines. That said, it's a metal hangar so it's not like you could actually use the rose to calibrate a compass. :D Since you are not allowed to attach anything to the hangar walls, I am building freestanding wood stud walls that will eventually support a loft for better storage and organization. Since my plane is very small, there is ample room for the futon, easy chairs, desk, kitchen cabinets, fridge, microwave, etc., plus a reasonably well supplied shop.


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