Not to keep bringing up the sequester...but we have noticed that quite a few bigger air shows around the country have either been put on hold or canceled. Where any of these shows one that you participate in every year? Has this put a damper on your summer fly-in schedule? Or do you prefer the local pancake breakfasts? We want to hear from you with your thoughts, please submit them below.

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Comment by Leslie Weinstein on June 5, 2013 at 11:32pm
The last aviation event I kept track of all the folks coming in. This was at the Northwest Aviation Conference & Trade Show at Puyallup, WA. For 8 years I have always offered my time and experience to Rachel Hanson the director. I am asked to take on a variety of jobs during the event. This past show I made it my mission to evaluate the attendees since I was selling the tickets at the entrance. Over the years at various shows around the country including your pancake breakfasts, oyster roasts, etc it has unfortunately been the same people just getting older with few new faces. I used to think the cost of ac were to blame however if one truly wants to fly and own an ac there are Cessna 150's for less than 25 thousand. Its my opinion the citizens are to blame as we allowed our government to mandate regulations that over time will result in the death of ga. For example how many NPRM (Notice of Public Rule Making) has an aircraft owner or pilot filed?
With fewer in attendance the costs to run these events is very expensive and has resulted in the cancelled events.


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